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Collage by Jit-Art

                                         Spotlight QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS (Kindly Read All)Spotlight 

1. What I usually draw and paint?
Ans.Portraits(ANY)(Draw Nudes but like artistic style,You know what I mean),
      Imaginary Characters,
      Gaming Characters,
      Comic Characters,
      Cartoon Characters,
      Can do others but if you want other than these we need to discuss.

2. What I don't draw and paint?
Ans.   Hentai,Porno Type,too much violence/Blood.

3. Would you gonna charge differently for background or other extra background characters? How much?
Ans.   Yes , ofcourse.Depends on the complexity and variety.

4. How much time will you gonna take to complete artwork?
Ans.   All are Approximate and depends on previous workload.But yes you will get within the approximate time I am gonna say.
   Usually Low details  - 3 to 7 days.
           Medium details - 5 to 10 days.
           High details - 7 to 15 days
           Ultrarealistic  - 10 to 20 days.
   Might be late only if I am in huge trouble.

5. Do you sell prints?
Ans.   (HardCopy)Only inside India for now.
         But outside India , yes ofcourse in future.
         (Not being racist).
         (Softcopy)You can purchase any size you want from DA print.

6. Would you draw from reference?
Ans.   No problem but there's gonna be my artstyle.Reference always helps.Bring as much as possible.

7. Would you copy exactly from another artist's painting for me?
Ans.   Obviously not.
  Even if I do , subject might remain same but many things will gonna be different depends on my artstyle and opinions.

8. What pay method you accept?
Ans.Paypal only for Globally.
   NEFT Bank Transfer is available for only Indian.
   Also accept DA Points(but depends on the situation)
      1$ = 50 points.

9. Is your price negotiable?
Ans.   Mostly No.There is always a maybe but little.

10. Will you draw me or my friend or your close one or mom,dad and relatives etc.?
Ans.   Love to.Just pay me as per as price sheet.

11.Do you offer discount?
Ans.   From 4th april to 10th April.
         50% Discount but only 3 lucky slots.So grab the slots as fast as you can.

12.Do you draw any theme based artwork?
Ans.   Sure why not?
        Just Avoid Political themes.

13.Will you gonna be my friend?
Ans.   Hell yeah.Only if you are a mad like me.Pfff.... Just kidding.Everyone is welcomed.

Pay me through PayPal -

If you have any other queries , just message me on any links provided below.
                                          Contacts -
                          Email -
                  DeviantArt -
            Facebook -
                       Tumblr -

                                                           Spotlight TERMS. ( READ CAREFULLY )Spotlight 

1 - I provide first come first serve policy.
2 - I will start your drawing(Sketching) right after you pay me 50% of actual commission and start coloring when I get paid full.
3 - I will show a refined demo sketch(watermarked included) between ongoing process for your opinion then if you need another demo on color stage ,
    you gotta have to ask.       
4 - If anyone need any changes ,just tell me on the sketch stage if you can.Obviously you ask for little changes in coloring stage but don't expect any huge
5 - You will be charged for additional background details and characters.Price varies on the deatails and numbers of things and complexity of additionals.
    We will discuss about the extras before start ofcourse.
6 - No refund policy if you are unhappy after final finished piece.Best I can try to fix the artwork to my best.
7 - So that's why I'm telling everyone to come with much informations and references you find which can help me more thoughtout the drawing.
8 - Artwork will be absolutely made upon my artstyle.
9 - You will get High Quality PNG/JPEG file included my signature on it.I may provide you the speedpainting process on my YouTube Channel.    
10 - You can use my Artwork for any of your personal work , just left credit of my name or mention my name if you want.
11 - If you want to use it commercially , you gotta take permission or license for that cause artwork is still rightfully mine and I may use that artwork
     on my Portfolio.So ,You have to left credit of my name or mention my name when you use it commercially.
12 - Anyone can get 5% discount on their 3rd commission       
                    8% discount on their 10th commission
                    10% discount on their 15th commission
13 - You will be charged for PSD file.
14 - I may drop your project if I am in huge trouble.
15 - You also can drop your project.If you do , try to drop before coloring.You can save 50% of commission.

                                                              Spotlight   PRICE SHEETSpotlight 
(Price can be negotiable for less contents)
<<<<<<< Headshot >>>>>>> Type "H"                          

Tier 1 - (No Color/Black and White/Greyscale)

 I. Refined Lineart - 5$
 II. Sketch with shades - 7$
 III. Sketch with Shades with high details - 10$
 IV. Sketch with Ultrarealictic details - 15$

 Tier 2 - (Colored)
 A) - Monochrome

 I. low details - 10$
 II. Medium Details - 12$
 III. High Details - 15$
 IV. Ultrarealistic details - 20$

 B) - Multiple Colored

 I. low details - 12$
 II. Medium Details - 15$
 III. High Details - 20$
 IV. Ultrarealistic details - 25$

<<<<<< Waist up >>>>>> Type "W"

Tier 1 - (No Color/Black and White/Greyscale)

I. Refined Lineart - 8$
II. Sketch with shades - 10$
III. Sketch with Shades with high details - 13$
IV. Sketch with Ultrarealictic details - 18$                                               

Tier 2 - (Colored)                                                 
A) - Monochrome
I. low details - 12$                                                
II. Medium Details - 14$                                                
III. High Details - 17$                                                
IV. Ultrarealistic details - 22$                                                 
 B) - Multiple Colored                                                
 I. low details - 15$                                              
 II. Medium Details - 18$                                              
 III. High Details - 23$                                                                                               
 IV. Ultrarealistic details - 28$

<<<<<< Knee Up >>>>>> Type "k"

 Tier 1 - (No Color/Black and White/Greyscale)
 I. Refined Lineart - 10$
 II. Sketch with shades - 12$
 III. Sketch with Shades with high details - 15$
 IV. Sketch with Ultrarealictic details - 20$

 Tier 2 - (Colored)
 A) - Monochrome

 I. low details - 15$
 II. Medium Details - 17$
 III. High Details - 20$
 IV. Ultrarealistic details - 25$
 B) - Multiple Colored

 I. low details - 18$
 II. Medium Details - 21$ 
 III. High Details - 25$                    
 IV. Ultrarealistic details - 30$   

<<<<<< Full Body >>>>>> Type "F"
 Tier 1 - (No Color/Black and White/Greyscale)
  I. Refined Lineart - 18$                                              
  II. Sketch with shades - 20$                                              
  III. Sketch with Shades with high details - 23$                                             
  IV. Sketch with Ultrarealictic details - 28$                                              

 Tier 2 - (Colored)                                                
 A) - Monochrome                                                

 I. low details - 20$                                                
 II. Medium Details - 25$                                                
 III. High Details - 30$                                                 
 IV. Ultrarealistic details - 35$                                                

 B) - Multiple Colored                                                

  I. low details - 25$                                               
  II. Medium Details - 30$                                              
  III. High Details - 35$                                              
  IV. Ultrarealistic details - 40$ 

Landscape(Only tiny character can be included)
         (Landscape with Big or Medium size character will be charged separatelty) 
(Price can be negotiable for less contents landscapes)
Type "L"

  Tier 1 - (No colours/Black and White/Greyscale)
 I. Refined Lineart - 20$
 II. Sketch with shades - 25$
 III. Sketch with Shades with high details - 30$
 IV. Sketch with Ultrarealictic details - 40$

 Tier 2 - (Colored)
 A) - Monochrome

 I. low details - 30$
 II. Medium Details - 40$
 III. High Details - 50$
 IV. Ultrarealistic details - 70$

 B) - Multiple Colored

 I. low details - 50$
 II. Medium Details - 70$
 III. High Details - 90$
 IV. Ultrarealistic details - 120$

You can mention specifically as per as category I provided
e.g. If you want a fullbody monochrome highdetails artwork ,
just use the shortform  F2AIII(F- Full body type, 2 - Tier 2 , A - Monochrome , III - High Details)                                            
                                           Collage by Jit-Art


Here comes the D.Va fanart timelapse video


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I am a passionate artist.The thing that mostly pleases me is art.
Millions of love to my Artbuddies.
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